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  • Label Printer Supplies

    Ink, print heads, labels and all the accessories
    Trio Ink Cartridges From $60.00

    Trio uses either one Black cartridge or one Color cartridge at a time. The Black cartridge would be used when printing black and white. The Color cartridge prints with Cyan, Magenta and Yellow to print full color images as well...

    Trio Snap-on covers $55.00

    Personalize your Primera Trio printer with a colored cover. The cover snaps on and off as easy as a phone case.

    Trio parts and accessories From $12.00

    Trio extras to enhance your ownership experience

    LX3000 Ink Cartridges From $43.00

    LX3000 BIG INK tanks, individual ink cartridges for Cyan, Magenta and Yellow.